Skin Care Tips and Tricks

You’re running here and there, so tired at night that you barely have the energy to drink a much-needed glass of wine and your skin care routine is rushed or skipped entirely. I get it. I usually choose wine too. I was trying to find a quote to inspire you but when you Google “keeping your head high and your neck strong” (you’ll see where I’m going with that later in the post), pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles and large horses come up.  So, <insert inspirational quote here>  and instead here’s some skincare hints I’ve found to save you some time and your skin from the daily grind.


Natural Makeup Remover

Use organic coconut oil (the emulsified kind you get in a jar from the grocery store) to take off makeup at night. Just use your fingers and a Kleenex to wipe the coconut oil on your eyes and face. You only need a little bit and your makeup will come off easily.


To Wash or Not to Wash?

If you have dry to normal skin, don’t wash face in the morning, just use warm water and a microfiber cloth to gently exfoliate and then apply your favorite skin oil. Here are some more details.


Night time: Wash and dry your face with a product that does not contain alcohol. Consider using an oil based product or a clarifying product. I like this one. After cleansing your face, use an alcohol-free toner on your face. Moisturize your face, neck and under eye area. Use Hanu facial oil and you’ll have the added benefit of aromatherapy as you fall asleep, breathing in all the relaxing essential oils in the blends.


Day time: Only wash the areas that you feel are oily. If your skin is dry or normal, just wet it and use a microfiber cloth to gently exfoliate with warm water. I really like these microfiber cloths. Next, use an alcohol-free toner like Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner (they have rose, lavender and cucumber!) on your face. Moisturize your face and neck using Hanu Facial Oil and put on Hanu Eye Oil.


Use Your Face Oil as a Face Mask

Hanu’s Facial Oils, whichever one is your favorite, work great as face masks. Just apply the oil liberally before entering the shower and leave it on your face for your entire shower. Use a clean microfiber cloth to remove the oil once you’re done. Presto, the combination of the carrier oils, essential oils and the steam will have given your skin a deep, pore-penetrating, moisturizing face mask.


Protect Your Face’s Natural Oil Content

I’m sure you’ve heard this before so this is just a reminder— don’t sit with your hands propping up your head.  It’s heavy, I know but read back to my blog post about the skin’s sebaceous glands here and you’ll remember you need to protect the skin’s natural oil content and keep harmful bacteria away.  By putting your hands all over your face (especially the chin area where you have the most sebaceous glands), you are asking for a breakout.


Tea Tree Essential Oil; Don’t Leave Home Without It

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of only two essential oils (the other one is Lavender) that you can apply directly to your skin without diluting it in a carrier oil. I’ve got to be honest with you, it doesn’t smell as heavenly as lavender but its antiseptic properties are well worth enduring the smell. Tea Tree possesses a high germicidal value and can penetrate pus (sorry for the gross factor but this is a must know) and by mixing with it, the pus liquifies and sloughs off leaving a healthy surface (credit book: 375 Essential Oils by Jeanne Rose). You can use this oil directly on blemishes, cuts and scrapes, and bug bites. If your skin breaks out, use Tea Tree oil directly on them immediately. You can get organic tea tree oil from my favorite essential oil company Mountain Rose Herbs. Make sure you’re only buying organic essential oils!