Frequently Asked Questions.

As long as the oil is organic and plant-based most are very easily absorbed, not greasy, and non comedogenic. Noncomedogenic is a fancy way of saying it won’t clog your pores. All the oils used in Hanu Skin care products are low comedogenic. There is are so many different carrier oils out there each with different vitamins and minerals that oils are great for just about every skin type. Read my blog post for more information.

Some carrier oils, like hazelnut, have a mild protection from the UV rays. This does not mean it contains SPF but it means you’ll get some additional protection by using it. You can mix a sunscreen with the oil. The EWG does a study every year on the best sunscreens (most effective and least amount of chemicals) and based on that come out with a list of good options here.

Yes, pregnant or nursing women should not use essential oils at a 2% dilution to carrier oils which is what all formulas other than the oils made specifically for pregnant and nursing mothers are formulated at. Pregnant or nursing mothers should use the products formulated specifically for them as they have been diluted with the proper essential oil to carrier oil ratio. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use certain essential oils listed here.

Read the labels and use the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Database to decipher whether all those unpronounceable ingredients are actually safe or not for your skin.  They make an iPhone app called Think Dirty that is really helpful as well.

Face oils can and should be used day and night. If after letting the oils absorb for about 5 minutes you feel that you aren’t able to apply your makeup like you’re used to (maybe if you use foundation for example and it’s not absorbing) just use the oils at night and use your regular moisturizer during the day. Start exfoliating and toning your skin and it will gradually start to absorb the oils to the point where you'll be able to use the oils during your daily routine and put on makeup right away! Email us if you’re still having issues.

Along with the French Green Clay Face Mask, you can also use our face oil as a nourishing face mask. Just apply the oil from your favorite face oil liberally before entering shower and leave on your face for your entire shower. Use a clean washcloth to remove the oil at the end of your shower. Presto, a combination of the carrier oils, essential oils and the steam will have given your skin a deep, pore penetrating, moisturizing face mask.

There's no need to wash your face before a mask.  We would recommend wetting your face with warm water first and taking a warm shower after is the best and easiest way to get the mask off after.