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Organic Diffuser Blend


Hanu organic diffuser blend is a combination of essential oils customized for aromatherapy and specifically targeted towards relaxation.

7.4 ML

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Diffuser Blend

Hanu organic diffuser blend is a cocktail of organic essential oils customized for relaxation.  You can use a Hanu diffuser or any diffuser with this custom oil blend to scent your space.  There are lots of essential oils that can be used for relaxation. The focus of this particular blend addresses the mental and emotional stresses that are encountered with everyday living.

Bergamot Essential Oil- Citrus bergamia is helpful at restoring the hypothalamus to a state calmness.

Lavender Essential Oil– Lavandula angustifolia has anti-inflammatory properties and in this blend, it is used primarily for relaxation.

Black Pepper Essential Oil – Piper nigrum helps with concentration. Black Pepper is full of vitamins and minerals one of which is selenium which is required for proper functioning of the brain.

Geranium Essential Oil– Pelargonium graveolens can relax your entire body as well as boost your mood. It also helps to balance hormonal levels.

Sandalwood Essential Oil– Santalum spicatum can help you achieve a sense of mental clarity and calmness and has the added benefit of being a memory booster.

Recommended usage is 5-10 drops nightly.  Hanu Skin Care can also customize a scent just for you – send an email to

***Do not use directly on skin.

* Bergamot Essential Oil, *Lavender Essential Oil, *Black Pepper Essential Oil, *Geranium Essential Oil, *Sandalwood Essential Oil

*Certified Organic Ingredients


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