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Organic Nighttime Facial Oil Rejuvenating Blend for Normal to Dry Skin – 1 oz.


5.00 out of 5

Organic botanical oils formulated for nighttime when your skin is hard at work going through it’s renewal process. The perfect blend of multivitamins and essential fatty acids absorb quickly into the skin to rejuvenate the skin, while the natural herbal scent works to soothe the mind.

1 fl oz.

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Organic Nighttime Facial Oil Rejuvenating Blend for Normal to Dry Skin

Argan oil contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids, carotenes and squalene which allow it to heal damaged skin while protecting from signs of aging and combating free radicals. Pomegranate seed oil, packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, reduces skin inflammation while regenerating new skin and improving skin tone and elasticity. The combination of turmeric, geranium, ylang yang and clove bud provide skin restorative properties while facilitating blood circulation and detoxification just below the surface of the skin.

How to use: Apply 3-5 drops to face and neck after cleansing. Use nightly instead of normal moisturizer.


*Rosehip Seed Oil, *Sweet Almond Oil, *Argan Oil, *Pomegranate Oil, *Turmeric Essential Oil, *Geranium Essential Oil, *Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, *Clove Bud Essential Oil
*Certified Organic Ingredients

5 reviews for Organic Nighttime Facial Oil Rejuvenating Blend for Normal to Dry Skin – 1 oz.

  1. Guest


    My favorite Hanu product, the nighttime rejuvenating oil smells wonderful and makes my skin feel amazing.

  2. Nicole
    5 out of 5


    I love having a one step nightime ritual, no need for any other products except this one. This product is so nourishing and moisturizing, leaves my skin feeling terrific.

  3. Lisa
    5 out of 5


    I love this oil, I use it both morning and evening. I have received many compliments around how great my skin looks, great product, must try!

  4. Keri
    5 out of 5


    Prior to using this product my face just looked dull and tired in the morning. I now look in the mirror and see my skin looking refreshed and ready for a new day. I have very dry skin and feel it adequately moisturizes. I use it at night only and then use the moisturizer for dry skin in the morning. I am very happy with the overall results and would recommend this product.

  5. Amy
    5 out of 5


    I love this product! I finally have the confidence to walk out of the house without makeup on since I’ve been using the rejuvenating oil. It makes my skin brighter and healthier every time I use it. The best part is I know what’s going on my face and don’t want to turn back to drugstore products. I’m so happy with this product and recommend it to anyone!

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