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Organic Under Eye Oil for Men – 7.4 ml.


Organic botanical oils tighten and firm the delicate area under your eyes while reducing under dark eye circles and puffiness and repairing signs of aging. Made from a combination of exotic organic, plant-based oils that provide beneficial vitamins C & E, antioxidants,  as well as anti-wrinkle benefits.

7.4 ML

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Organic Under Eye Oil for Men

Evening primrose oil’s makeup of omega-6 fatty acids as well as vitamin E and C has amazing anti-wrinkle benefits. Castor oil helps remove dark circles and aids in the removal of toxins by increasing the lymphatic action.  Camelina oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants and will reduce dark circles under eyes.   Sweet almond oil is high vitamins A, B, and E and is known for it’s ability to reduce dark circles and maintain healthy moisture levels.  Geranium essential oil facilitates blood circulation just below the surface of skin helping to diminish dark circles and fine lines.  Chamomile essential oil is an anti-inflammatory that will help brighten the area and reduce dark circles. Lavender essential oil is a calming essential oil with anti-inflammatory effects and carrot seed oil revitalizes, tones and has anti-wrinkle benefits.

Directions: Use ring finger to apply oil to the delicate area under eyes morning and nights.

*Evening Primrose Oil, *Sweet Almond Oil, Camelina Oil, *Castor Oil, Coffee Bean Oil, *Geranium Essential Oil, *Lavender Essential Oil, *Carrot Seed Essential Oil, *Chamomile Essential Oil
*Certified Organic Ingredients


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